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Super Swim is a resistance swim tether training tool that was developed over 25 years ago to help professional athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts acquire the best possible exercise in small pools. Family owned and operated, Super Swim has improved its design and still provides excellent quality products to over 40 countries. The durability of Super Swim is second to none; all metal parts are 100% stainless steel and the fiber rod is a high-tech poly composite that is impossible to break from swimming tension alone. The swimming harness is comfortable and made from a UV ray resistant material. Super Swim stationary swim tether training tool will offer years of enjoyment. Completely manufactured here in Fort Myers, Florida, USA with the highest quality materials. The Super Swim resistance swim tether training tool is easy to set up, maintain, and has no mess or clean up!


  • The original stationary resistance swimming tether system.
  • For more than 25 years SUPER SWIMPRO continues to help the Swimming Community.
  • From start to finish, you can get swimming in less than 3 minutes.
  • Anyone who owns a pool or enjoys swimming needs SUPER SWIMPRO.
  • Used by Professional Athletes along with Doctors and medical professionals worldwide.


SUPER SWIMPRO – The original stationary resistance swimming tether system. SUPER SWIMPRO promotes good health, proper swimming posture, and a natural swimming experience. Medical professionals such as Cardiologists, Therapeutic Workers, and General Physicians all use and promote SUPER SWIMPRO’S benefits for user with all forms of exercise and rehabilitation therapy due to it’s zero stress workout. You just swim – it does all the rest.

SUPER SWIM has won 2008 Best of Ft. Myers Award in the Swimming Pool Equipment & Supplies category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).

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Why Super SwimPro?

Super Swim’s stationary resistance swimming tether system will allow you to swim for miles in the average home or community swimming pool, above-ground swimming pool, or large enough swim Spas with no turning.  The swimming tether resistance training tool is the answer to training in smaller pools; they make you turn after every few strokes and break your rhythm, lessening the effectiveness of swimming for exercise. With Super Swim the swimming tether resistance training tool, your aquatic workout is uninterrupted because you swim in place and it works in any pool. You never have to turn, so you can concentrate on swimming technique, breathing, and force. Super Swim’s “lift factor”, produced from the height of the pole, encourages the best natural swimming experience, no matter what stroke you’re using and no matter how hard you swim. Super Swim is perfect for anyone who is looking to open the potential of their home or apartment pool for swimming exercise. Get the Most out of your pool with the “stationary resistance swimming tether system by Super Swim”.

    • Low Joint Stress
    • Easier Range of Motion
    • More Flexability


    • Resistance Doubles Input
    • No Traveling to Lap Pools
    • Swim on Your Own Schedule


    • Tone Your Body
    • Rehab After Injury
    • Improve Cardiovascular System


    • Harness Makes it Safe
    • Learn to Swim
    • Swimmers at Any Level


    • Convenient
    • Minimal Care
    • Simplistic Desighn


    • Build Strength
    • Gain Endurance
    • Get Faster



  • All
  • In-gound pools
  • storable Bases
  • condo pool
  • Above Ground Pools
  • apartment pool
  • swim spas
  • traveling athlete
  • wood deck
  • brick deck
  • stone deck


  • We found the movable Clamp-on base most useful and gave us a variety of places at the pools, since the first of the year we saw a tremendous help for both our breast and back strokes.

    Gregg Troy

    University of Florida Head Coach.

    Testimonial Letter.
  • I wanted to thank you for introducing the Super Swim to Miami Dolphin it’s used both for rehabilitation and conditioning programs. We have players who are coming off knee surgery and use it for upper body conditioning. Super Swim is accommodating to any level of fitness for our players injured or not.

    Ryan Vermillion R.P.T. , AT.C

    Head Trainer

    Testimonial Letter.
  • Swim Florida is really excited about future applications of Super Swim. Your products durability is second to none, and Super Swim has become an integral part of our training program.

    Mac Kennedy

    Swim Florida Head Coach

    Testimonial Letter.
  • We use Super Swim for all strokes techniques, while work time duration has been from 6-8 second power bursts up to 30 minutes for our long distance swimmers. I feel Super Swim is an excellent training aid for both the novice and the advance swimmer.

    Dick Sloan

    Ohio State University Swimming Coach 

    Testimonial Letter.